2457 (Tring) Squadron History

In 1938 the Air Defence Cadet Corps was formed to prepare young men for service within the RAF & by 1940 there were 200 squadrons. It was decided to restructure the growing organisation & on 5th February 1941 the Air Training Corps was created by Royal Warrant.


Tring squadron has had a nomadic past, having moved into our New Road HQ in 1973. In the 1950’s the unit was a detached flight of Berkhamsted squadron & met in a building near Tring Station. By the 1960’s the squadron began to meet at outbuildings behind the Kings Arms public house in the Tring conservation area. By 1963 the unit had moved again to the old Town Hall in the High Street & was parading 6 cadets !. The CO was a regular member of the royal Engineers who encouraged first rate drill, for which the unit was winning awards.


The next location for parade nights was to be the Church Hall. To gain a permanent home the unit required an attendance of 30 cadets & efforts were underway to secure a permanent home. Another move saw the unit take up residence in the old school buildings in the High Street where the library is now located. However, as the new school was being built the old school would serve as its dining facilities so the unit had a year to find another home.

With the required attendance a new building was constructed in New Road, New Mill. The grand opening was nearly spoiled by vandals who plastered graffiti over the new paint work. Not all young people were sold on the idea of this organisation & after all the windows were smashed a fence was built around the compound. So much for being in a residential area!

And here we have stayed ever since offering young people the chance to try new & unique experiences whilst enjoying & bettering themselves. We like to think that our history serves as suitable dedication to the aims of the Air Training Corps. If you are 12 to 18 years old & think you may like to give it a go, then just come along on one of the parade nights.

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